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Av. Eugenio Garza Sada 3820 - int 308.
Torre Micrópolis.
Nuevo León. 64780.
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Accūrātus, M . feminine accūrāta, neuter accūrātum; takencare of, prepared with care, having been taken care of, by extension, careful, accurate, exact, by extension studied.

Akurat – Arq. Is a Mexican firm founded in 2013 by the architects Adela Rangel and Jorge Fernández.

In Akurat – Arq. We seek to develop projects with a methodology defined by the values of our historical moment. Consistent projects with their context, sustainable, with a plasticity, with identity and honest with its constructive process.  The work processes are ordered and designed according to each project, putting the terminology at the service of the team, so that the processes for informed decision making are speeded up and to be precise in the definitions of costs and work logistics . Our definition of a successful project begins with successful teams.

In our daily experience, we develop research on methodologies based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes. We are currently working on projects of different typologies. From residential projects, offices, shopping centers and mixed uses.